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Author: GWD Media Team

Agroforestry Investment

Agroforestry Investment

Integrating trees and shrubs with open-space agriculture, agroforestry provides multiple purposes and benefits. A worldwide practice that has been around since the very first farming efforts, years ago agroforestry was replaced with monoculture farming. Today, there is fresh interest and attention in both the developing and developed countries of the world with GWD Forestry at […]

Forestry: An Asset That’s Not Just For Eco-Investors

Financial investments in the forestry sector are currently enjoying a high profile. This is not only because of the potential financial returns they can offer, but also increasingly due to the environmental benefits they provide, which are taking the limelight as the number of eco-conscious investors grows. The plight of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil […]

Forget coal and nuclear energy | the future is all about renewables

A few years ago, to many people, the most familiar forms of renewable energy were the wind and the sun. The big surprise, however, is that biomass is the oldest source of renewable energy. Historically, humans have harnessed biomass-derived energy since man began burning wood to make fire. Even today, biomass is the only source […]

Temer free to push ahead with economic reforms, reviving investor interest in Brazil

Congress rejects corruption charges against Brazil’s president Brazil’s lower house of congress voted overwhelmingly yesterday to reject corruption charges against Brazil’s President, Michel Temer, which could have seen him ousted from office and possibly facing a Supreme Court trial. Of the 513 members of the lower chamber of Deputies, 263 voted against putting Mr. Temer […]