Why Coconuts?

Coconut water, or "agua de coco" as it is known to the millions of people who drink it in Brazil, is the delicious liquid found inside young green coconuts. It is now the world´s most popular natural energy drink. Fresh tasting and pure, it´s like enjoying freshly picked herbs from a kitchen garden or a first pressing of virgin olive oil on your salad and it is good for you too.

Coconut water is naturally packed full of electrolytes, vital for keeping you hydrated when you are in hot or tropical climates. It has hydrating properties to include essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and phosphorous, making it an indispensable commodity in Brazil and a very profitable business for GWD Forestry investors.

Project Aims

The project was proposed in 2012 with the company purchasing Fazenda Ipameri located within close proximity to the city of Barreiras, within the state of Bahia, Brazil. Under prior agreement with Tropical Aqua de Coco situated a few kilometres from the primary development the company would grow, harvest, and deliver coconuts at a pre-agreed rate of R$0.50 per coconut to Tropical Aqua de Coco.

Current Status

Whilst the project has developed fully over the years with coconuts being harvested in previous years. However currently within the state of Bahia, under decree a state of emergency has been declared and homologated by the Bahia´s State Government. The documents were signed by Governor, Mr. Rui Costa, and by the Secretary of the Civil House, Mr. Bruno Dauster, and published in the Official Gazette of October 14, 2015; January 15, 2016; June 3, 2016; January 10, 2017, among others. Through an emergency decree, the “Superintendence of Civil Protection and Defense” (“SUDEC”) directs technicians to check in loco the damages and losses caused to the population. Due to the coconut project requiring irrigation it is expected that this unforeseen event poses a risk to the project within the short term as environmental agencies (INEMA) are now banning the capture of water from the region's rivers. The decrees of state of emergency has now been extended until the end of April (according to official document of the Bahia´s state government - Civil House – “SUDEC” - http://www.defesacivil.ba.gov.br/?page_id=491). As such GWD will look to mitigate all risks posed to the project.

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GWD GREEN COCONUT PROJECT | The Green Coconut project is currently fully subscribed.

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