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Grow Your Assets with a Green Investment through Our Agro-forestry Investment Program

Historically, the asset class has been dominated by pension funds, land owners and institutional investors. There weren’t many options for investments other than what banks, lenders and the stock market would offer. Today, there are multiple ways on how people can grow their assets. Apart from bonds and annuities, several investment opportunities are available on the market that allow you to grow your wealth. One of which is an agro-forestry investment.


Agro-forestry is a proven asset class with 65-75% of the returns driven by biological growth, which can provide either long-term capital appreciation, or annual income over time.

Agro-forestry investments have become a popular focus of investment over a number of years due to the asset class’s favorable risk/return profile. This is because the investment relies on a demand that is in continuous, if not progressive growth.


Global forestry investments rely on the current and future demand for timber. Fortunately, timber is a natural resource that is in constant demand worldwide. With increased environmental pressure, future timber supplies are expected to be reduced whilst the global demand is expected to continue to grow along with the global population.

The forestry investment’s negative correlation to traditional markets, such as stocks and shares, offers the astute investor the opportunity to lower investment volatility exposure while providing an optimum route for portfolio diversification. Green investments are on the rise and an agro-forestry investment is a good way to begin.

Through GWD Forestry, investors are able to invest reasonably small amounts into agro-forestry, with typical investments starting from just under 10,000€, as well as higher end investments of up to 250,000€; offering the investor the unique opportunity to invest directly into large scale agro-forestry projects at ground level. GWD Forestry will personalize the investment to suit their investor’s individual requirements.

Here at GWD Forestry, we take good care of you and your investment. All GWD clients have a dedicated Account Manager appointed to them with direct contact via telephone and email, thus offering greater control of their investment holdings.

Agro-forestry Investment Program

GWD Forestry offers investments into sustainably managed agro-forestry plantations in Canada, Brazil and Spain. Our investments are diversified by various tree species and plantation environments that uphold tough environmental and ethical criteria for each program. Affordable entry levels give both private and institutional investors access to the wealth generated from the production of timber, timber products and of agro-forestry crops from emerging and developed economies. When you invest in a portfolio of agriculture and forestry, you invest your assets sustainably while securing your future. Learn more about GWD Forestry and our advocacy today.


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