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About Us

GWD Forestry offers direct investment into sustainably managed agro-forestry plantations in Canada, Europe and Brazil. Affordable entry levels give both private and institutional investors access to the wealth generated from the production of timber, timber products and of agro-forestry crops from emerging and developed economies.

GWD Forestry


GWD has grown significantly in both North and South America since 2008, and more recently in Europe. The main focus of our businesses are centered in the state of Bahia in Brazil and the province of New Brunswick in Canada. GWD has grown to become a substantial forest operator and now owns in excess of 5,000 hectares of land. With a support network of companies located in Portugal and Mallorca and affiliate offices in Asia and Europe, GWD Forestry can offer its services in most European languages.


Our vision is simple. It is based firstly on identifying niche, environmentally sustainable agro-forestry crops and commodities that are demonstrating growth in both emerging and developed economies. We source and develop under-utilized land and transform this into modern, efficient farming assets which can produce both annual revenue and strong capital growth. Our vision comprises teams of experienced professionals creating high-yielding assets in areas of high consumer demand. Our aim is to recruit employees with experience at a local level, as well as seeking external and independent consultants to our projects.

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About GWD Forestry 3


GWD develops sustainable forestry projects, managed forestry projects and agricultural projects with a specific focus in Brazil, Canada and now also Europe. The practice of tree farming – the primary focus of the group’s activities – is commonly referred to as agro-forestry, due to its similarity to both agriculture and forestry.


  • We give our clients the security and safety of owning their asset
  • We ensure ethical values have been used in the establishment of all plantations
  • We provide investments that have almost no correlation to the volatility associated with financial markets
  • We ensure that strong social and economic links with local communities are established and maintained
  • We offer clients the added value of benefiting from vertical integration and our active commitment to the protection of endangered natural forestry
  • We have offices and representatives around the world to bring our agro-forestry investments to you in your own language
  • GWD is partnered with a highly regarded academic institution, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), to support our Research and Development activities. This partnership has been an instrumental part of the success of our projects, as well as providing independent annual reports of our timber and agro-forestry projects