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Spain, together with Andorra, Portugal and the British Crown colony of Gibraltar, forms part of the Iberian Peninsula, which is located on the southwestern tip of the European continent. With an area of approximately 582,000km², it is the third largest European peninsula, yet is only 8km across the sea from Africa. In the heart of the Iberian region lies Castilla y León, a rugged and rural area encompassing plains dotted with vineyards, castles and windmills and backed by scenic mountain ranges.

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Soria is an historical city in north-central spain and sits on the banks of Rio Duero. The altitude and climatic conditions have made it the ideal location for black truffle production. With 1700 hectares of fertile land, culinary experts emphasize that black truffles grown in this region are “the Rolls-Royce of truffles from Spain”.

It is here that GWD has established its Black Périgord trufferie in Castilla y León which, along with Aragon, is one of the main focal points of the major truffle producing areas of Spain. The trufferie is ideally located just outside of Madrid and its international airport, and close to the AVE (High-speed) train station at Calatayud; both perfectly situated to transport the truffles rapidly to any global destination and marketplace.


In the last 100 years, wild supplies of Black Périgord Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) have significantly diminished, yet demand amongst chefs and epicures remains justifiably strong.

Estimated to be a $40 million market, with approximately 80% of the fresh truffles being supplied by France, Italy and Spain alone, the world’s most expensive food’s reliance on cultivated production is now ever increasing.

Recent statistics how that Spain currently supplies approximately 70% of the world’s Black Périgord Truffles, as France and Italy’s production continues to falter. The Iberian region provides perfect conditions for truffle plantations to thrive successfully. Characterized by its subtle and deceptively complex aroma and earthy flavor, the black truffle is often referred to by brokers and chefs alike as “Black Diamonds”.

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Whenever GWD Forestry establishes a new project, we appoint experts who are responsible for the establishment and management of our farming projects. In the case of our new Black Périgord Truffle Project, we employed the services of experienced and well-respected agricultural engineers, Gesforma, to help us establish our trufferie in Castilla-y-León. Initial land preparations are well underway and our team of accredited forestry engineers and fieldworkers have rotated the soil using heavy machinery. Lime was then added to the soil before barley was sown – this to ensure the soil was cleansed of all previous fungi and vegetation. Whilst this has been taking place, holm oak saplings have been undergoing the pre-colonization procedures at our source nursery. As the Black Périgord Truffle Project is in its infancy, we will be updating the information for our clients as soon as we have it, however, we anticipate that the entire growth perimeter area will be completely fenced by the end of October before the saplings are planted in November.

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