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Agroforestry Investment

Agroforestry Investment

Agroforestry Investment

Integrating trees and shrubs with open-space agriculture, agroforestry provides multiple purposes
and benefits. A worldwide practice that has been around since the very first farming efforts, years
ago agroforestry was replaced with monoculture farming. Today, there is fresh interest and
attention in both the developing and developed countries of the world with GWD Forestry at the
forefront of this movement.

Agroforestry provides many environmental, economic and social benefits. Trees can be a crop that
are harvested for the fruits, nuts or wood. Trees can even be harvested for oil, and they can be
planted alongside other crops. This helps landowners earn a steady income and allows them to
diversify their sources of income, ensuring that if one crop is affected another will offer financial

More than a financial benefit, agroforestry can also provide an environmental benefit. As more trees
are cut down, it impacts the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and this, in turn, causes issues with
global warming to increase. Planting more trees helps to both provide shade for crops in hotter
climates and reduce the levels of C02 in the atmosphere. The Paris Agreement is aiming to reduce
the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius and movements such as Agroforestry will be
crucial in achieving this goal.

The World Of Agroforestry And GWD

GWD Forestry provides investors with the chance to benefit financially from a movement that will
help save the planet, provide jobs and incomes across the world and offers substantially lower levels
of risk compared to most investments.

Operating since 2008, GWD has evolved, growing in North and South America as well as Europe.
Although mainly situated in Brazil and Canada the company has grown across the globe with over
5000 hectares of Land. Working with companies located across Europe and Asia, GWD provides their
services to residents of man European countries.

A Focus On Sustainability

At GWD Forestry, there are two clear goals. The first is to make sure that land is developed and that
projects are completely sustainable, providing fantastic environmental and economic benefits both
to local employees and the world. GWD aims to help both emerging and developing economies with
a focus on land that has been underutilized.

Once they have purchased the land, the company works to transform it into farming assets that are
modern and efficient. The company uses experienced professionals, consultants, local employees
and experts around the globe. GWD Forestry has formulated a business structure that is both ethical
and has a strong focus on building social and economic links.

For GWD Forestry, the projects aren’t just about providing fantastic investment opportunities for
clients. Instead, the company is committed to making sure that their new sustainable agroforestry
projects benefit the local community too, serving a purpose, growing and evolving as the projects

GWD are committed to protecting natural forestry that is now endangered and threatened more
than ever. Their goal is to provide high levels of ROI while making sure that their projects are a
positive force in the world.

A Commitment To Asset Protection

With this investment, GWD Forestry offers clients a chance to escape the typical volatility associated
with most financial markets and take advantage of a more secure form of investment. Owning the
asset that they invest in, clients can gain the peace of mind with the security that they want.
Clients might be fearful of the potential risk of this type of investment from fire, to droughts or
pests. However, GWD takes precautions to minimize these risks as much as possible. In the event of
a fire, advanced technology allows for the issue to be contained to one small area. With 24-hour
surveillances issues like this can be dealt with immediately and a 30 percent reserve provides
financial security on all projects. Before forestry projects are set up, the land is cleared of issues such
as unwanted insects while trees impacted by water or drought will be replaced free of charge to

Clients are also given complete control of their investment, with a certificate showing that they own
the timber. Since they have ownership, they can sell or reinvest whenever and however they want. It
is an opportunity to be part of an investment where the client has complete control.

The company is also proud to be partnered with the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro
(UTAD). They support research and development while providing annual reports to make sure that
projects are constantly monitored and improved overtime.

Open To All

GWD have taken measures to make sure that a vast array of clients could potentially invest in their
products. With offices, all over Europe and other parts of the world GWD have focused on making
sure that they can offer clients their service in their native language. With no translation gaps,
everything about the investment will be made completely clear to the client, and they will receive a
fully personalised service.

Investments start modestly under 10,000€ allowing low-risk investors the opportunity to directly
invest at ground level. Investments are also available at up to 250,000€, allowing for clients to buy as
many trees as they want. Offering fully personalised and custom investment packages, GWD are
keen to help clients get exactly what they desire from the beginning.

Providing excellent levels of customer service GWD are also proud to be able to offer each of their
clients a personal account manager. They will speak to the manager directly whenever they want to
make changes to their investment. Once again, this gives them complete control over their product,
ensuring that they are constantly receiving updates about their investment.

Choose From A Range Of Locations

GWD Forestry have projects in Brazil, Canada and Spain. As such, clients can choose the perfect
project for them.

Brazil has the Rapid Growth Biomass Project that is a short-term opportunity. As the ninth largest
economy in the world, Brazil provides a fantastic opportunity for investment with a skilled workforce
and an evolving technological industry. There is great potential for growth here in both the short and
the long term.

With 400 million hectares of forestry, Canada is home of the Christmas Tree project. 3 to 6 million
Christmas trees are produced in Canada annually due to the country’s perfect environment for
growth. Bordering on the US, it’s the perfect place to cater to the massive demand for trees like this.
Canada is also home to the Poplar Biomass Project.

Home to the Black Perigord Truffle Project, an income-based opportunity, Spain is the third location
of GWD Forestry projects. Over the last 100 years, the Black Perigord Truffles supply has greatly
diminished, however, the demand for them has never been higher. Believed to be a market worth
$40 million, Spain, is the top supplier for these truffles. The country has 1700 hectares of fertile land.
With fantastic transport links, the truffles can be transported to anywhere around the world from
this location.

GWD Forestry’s Current Projects

GWD currently offers investors the opportunity to buy a part of 8 incredible projects. These include
projects that are short-term, capital growth, annual income and income based. This is part of what
separates the projects GWD Forestry offers from other agroforestry companies. According to
experts, investors who buy into an agroforestry project that has not yet been developed will need
wait up to seven years to see any return on their investment.

Clients of GWD can choose between a variety of different projects, some of which can provide
returns incredibly quickly while others will offer annual benefits. Clients can also choose where they
want to invest based on the project they choose from Spain to Canada and Brazil. Each project
impacts and forms a part of different economies from the truffle food industry to the hardwood
manufacturing sector. As such, clients can select the project that they are most interested in.

Visiting the countries, clients can even head down to the project site, receiving on hand information
about the project and how it is progressing. With exciting opportunities already available and more
on the horizon, there has never been a better time to get involved in agroforestry development with
GWD. Utilizing global demand, the company is keen to provide their clients with projects that will
deliver incredible, lucrative returns.

With a range of different project species to consider, clients can contact GWD Forestry and learn
more about each project before they make their selection. Once a project is fully subscribed, the
company is unable to take on new investors, so it is beneficial to act quickly and claim a percentage
of a project that they are interested in.

A Fresh Opportunity To Shape The Future

Operating for nearly ten years, GWD Forestry is constantly growing and has a clear vision for the
future. The company is continuously researching using a team of experts to pinpoint the biggest and
best investments in the agroforestry sector. Once they find a worthwhile project, they take their
time to set up the development the correct way to benefit the local community and mitigate risk. In

doing so, the company can offer their clients investment opportunities far from the dangerous
financial variables of other projects and the chance to become part of a project providing fantastic
benefits to a local community.

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