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Christmas Tree Project

Christmas Tree One

Why Christmas trees…

New Brunswick produces substantial trees every year in order to meet the festive demand both domestically and within the US market. More than 85 per cent of the trees produced are exported across the Americas. Harvesting takes place annually, providing a fluid supply of festive fir trees to retailers located across the United States of America and Canada.

Due to the unprecedented volume of sales inquiries, tree supplies from our 2014 harvest were completely exhausted; however, GWD has now begun to develop further sites within the region in order to satisfy growing demand for our tree products. Demand is expected to stay strong into the future, with year on year sales expected to increase as the business develops.

Project Aims

The project was proposed in late 2007 and focussed on the development of Christmas tree crops within the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. Over a number of years the company has acquired and developed several sites in the region and now accounts for approximately 4% of the provinces annual sales. For the past 3 years the company has actively been harvesting those trees established on GWD projects with sales prices exceeding those rates projected at the start of the projects.

Project Aims

Current Status

Current Status

Due to unprecedented demand, GWD Forestry has made further land acquisitions for the development of Christmas trees in New Brunswick, Canada. As a result of these acquisitions, the company is pleased to announce that the GWD Christmas Tree Project is once again open to new and existing investors.

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