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Mixed Hardwood Project

Why African Mahogany & Acacia?

African Mahogany is a very durable hardwood that suits the conditions in Bahia State, Brazil and is used in the manufacturing of high quality furniture, flooring and construction material, which demands a high price at market.

The Mahogany trees can grow to be very large — 30 to 35 meters tall,with trunks over 1 meter in diameter. We also plant Acacia trees near the Mahogany trees. This way, the project benefits from both species which are mutually beneficial due to the nitrogen fixing qualities of Acacia. This feeds the soil and allows the Mahogany to reach its optimal growth potential.

The Hardwood Products…

Acacia Energy generates revenue from the thinning of trees in years 3, 6, 9 and 12 of the 18 year project and these are sold as charcoal or logs into the energy markets within Brazil.

Acacia Premium generates revenue from the harvest of trees in years 9 and 15 of the 18 year project and these are sold as Grade 1 Premium quality wood into the marketplace within Brazil.

Mahogany Premium, which is GWD’s principle goal for the project, produces Grade 1 quality, kiln dried, sawn and prepared wood from the final harvest at year 18 of the project, through a progressive tree selection process.

Brazil's Growing Economy...

Brazil’s Growing Economy…

Brazil leads South America and Latin America in terms of growth and economic status. The middle class is continuing to expand and therefore decreasing the large imbalance of wealth.

Brazil is recognized as one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, holding 14% of the world’s fresh water and is rich in natural resources.

Brazil is at the forefront of global timber markets and it is the largest exporter of Eucalyptus, producing 55% of the global production.

The Inter-American Development Bank publishes a report entitled, “forestry investment attractiveness index” – Brazil is generally first in the rankings.

As avid promoters of carbon emission control, Brazil is committed to reduce their CO2 emissions by nearly 40%.

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